About FixForums

FixForums Ltd is a privately held company situated in Bristol, England. We’re a team of forum enthusiasts and entrepreneurs with multiple years experience in online marketing, forum management and business.

We focus heavily on usability and member experience whilst maintaining our commitment to the latest technologies and trends. Often known for going against the grain and providing innovative forum solutions that others wouldn’t even think of.

We currently operate three communities with a combined user base of over 70,000 members. We plan on adding more forums to our portfolio and further establishing our current properties.

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Our Communities


AffiliateFix.com is the world’s number one affiliate marketing forum. Formerly known as CPAFix, the community brings every angle of the affiliate industry together in one place. The biggest names and companies can be found posting daily along side affiliates, networks, advertisers and everyone in between.


EntrepreneurFix is an exciting entrepreneurial community. Exploring the work and play aspects that come with being an entrepreneur or businessman or women. It also features an exclusive business listing that allows members to share and trade business services with fellow members.


WebsiteFix is an established webmaster and internet marketing forum. Having merged with UKWebmasterWorld in 2015 it is the go to place to receive advice and learn about everything website related. Webmasters from all over the world  come to one place to collaborate and help each other.

Our Team

Our team is made up of some of the most experienced and well versed forum enthusiasts online. We have a large number of voluntary moderators across our communities who offer their time to be a part of our vision and FixForums family alongside several full time positions. We’re one big family and all believe in the ethos that is FixForums: connect people and help each other.


Oliver Kenyon

Oliver is the founder of FixForums and has been using forums since the early 2000’s. He’s a huge fan of Liverpool FC and enjoys visiting Anfield.


T J Tutor

T J is a businessman and serial entrepreneur who loves managing forums. He loves nothing more than going fishing or tasting whiskeys.


Shohrab Hossain

Shohrab is an experienced forum moderator and affiliate marketer. He enjoys reading books and watching the latest movie to hit the cinemas.

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